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The key role of the Taxidermy Association is to create value for our members and we achieve this through holding an Annual Taxidermy Competition and Seminars. The Annual Competitions are judged by Overseas judges (typically USA judges) and this assists us in promoting and fostering the art of Taxidermy and ensuring that the members maintain procedures and standards that will ensure the Taxidermy industry as a whole is held in high regard by both clients and the public.


The original taxidermy competitions held in New Zealand were sponsored by SCI and held in conjunction with their AGM, which was alternated between Auckland and Christchurch.

When this arrangement came to an end in 2001, taxidermists got together and decided to form their own association and conduct their own competitions. A committee was formed and elected Richard Abraham as the first President. This committee developed the basis framework for the future competitions and rules and this work was the basis on which the New Zealand Taxidermy Association was formed. 

The first NZTA show was held in conjunction with the 2003 Sika Show and the competition was well attended and over time more categories were added as the membership grew. With the assistance of sponsors, the association refined the competition rules and standards and as part of this USA based judges were used for the competitions, and these judges held taxidermy seminars for the membership. Some of these judges were world champions in their respective areas whether mammals, birds or fish taxidermy.


In 2017 the Association moved away from the Sika Show and held it’s own competition and in 2018, the “South Pacific Taxidermy Competition” was held to celebrate 15yrs of competitions with entries from Australia, Phillipines and Russia.

After the 2019 competition, Covid arrived which had a significant impact on New Zealand, competitions were cancelled until the most recent show which was held in 2022. This was a great show and seminars and the members got great value from the events.

The Taxidermy Association will continue to hold annual competitions and run seminars for the benefit of the membership.



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Barry Ryan

Chase Voss

David Jacobs


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Stuart Vaughan

Doug Marshall

Chris Phillips



To promote and foster the art of lifelike Taxidermy and ensure that the members of NZTA maintain procedures and standards that will ensure the Taxidermy industry, as a whole, will be held in the highest regard by both clients and the general public by:

  1. Fostering an atmosphere of co-operation in order to improve the skills of all members.

  2. Holding regular National competitions at intervals of not more than two years

  3. Helping interested individuals who wish to learn the art of Taxidermy and encourage new taxidermists to participate in the NZTA competitions and any other form of NZTA activity.

  4. Providing members with information (upon request) regarding all matters to do with taxidermy. The NZTA will help with marketing and advertising by way of a regular newsletter which will encourage input from members.

  5. The NZTA will create a website that will welcome all members links. This website will (in due course) be linked with the major sites that are of interest. 



To promote and foster the art of likelike Taxidermy and ensure that the members of NZTA maintain procedures and standards that will ensure the Taxidermy industry, as a whole, will be held in the highest regard by both clients and the general public by;

  1. I will at all times provide for the safety and proper handling of specimens entrusted to me for trophy preparation. I will honestly advise clients of any conditions that might endanger their trophy or its quality.

  2. I will instruct my clients on proper care of their finished trophies to ensure lasting satisfaction. I will offer instructions to clients on proper field care to ensure future trophy quality for the taxidermist.

  3. I will not accept as work any trophy or materials that appears to be in violation of any statutary regulations regarding protected or endangered specimens unless you have the required legal documents.


As a member of the New Zealand Taxidermy Association you are expected to abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  1. No member shall do anything that will bring the NZTA into disrepute.

  2. All members will be honest and act professionally when dealing with their clients. 

  3. No member will copy or reproduce anyone else's intellectual property without the express permission in writing from the owner of that property.

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